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Today is Thursday, May 25, 2017

More Sugar Shout-Outs! This Time, It's "The City"


NY loves Sugar! First it was the NYTimes and now it's "The City"!  SO I'm sitting on my super comfy couch, still in my gym clothes (yes! GYM!), lamenting the fact that I couldn't drag myself to the bar for a little Section F reunion time (I'm sorry, I am not yet buying this "If you work out the next day, you will feel LESS sore."  Yeah, if by "less," people mean "more."), and look who's on my screen!  Fashionologie's very own Tommye Fitzpatrick!  So cool! (Please note: No, I do not usually watch "The City."  I needed something mindless in the background because I'm trying to decipher carbon credits and water desalination revenue streams based on an 10MW, 20MW, and 80MW demo plants... Thoughts? Anyone?  Seriously.)

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tommye is awesome

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